In a highly delineated graphical space, cordoned, walled and caped off by threads, stretched out to create vanishing lines, perspectives and negatives spaces, four dancers together sketch an abstract, organic, collective performance. Moved by a primitive instinct, like an animal pack, they come into this playground for the sheer pleasure of creating shapes. Their individual movements and sounds evolve as their common work emerges. A back and forth dialogue between individual and group, interior and exterior, between the positive and negative spaces, the mediums (bodies) and surfaces (spaces) made up of flat plains and multi-dimensional perspectives.

The quartet thus weighs the notion of attraction as a magnetic force, against that of distraction, in a kind of merry-go-round of compelling sensations. Here, there is no structured or reasoned approach to the body and the choreography, but simply a deep dive into the creation of shapes. Forging links out of necessity or interest. Taking part in a theatrical experience for what is unique and unknowable about it. Creating your own reality, different from another's. Detaching from thought. Forgetting all tangible explanations to concentrate only on sensation. Trusting your intuition as Bergson defined it in The Creative Mind, as that "sympathy through which one is moved into the inner being of an object to grasp what is unique and ineffable".

First public performance on November 9, 2021 at the CDA - Centre des Arts, Enghien-les-Bains (fr).


With: Raphaël Dupin, Kidows Kim, Aline Landreau, Flora Schipper
Conception, stage device: Vincent Dupont
Choreography: Vincent Dupont with Raphaël Dupin, Kidows Kim, Aline Landreau, Flora Schipper
Musical composition: Jean-Baptiste Julien
Sound design: Maxime Fabre
Light design: Yves Godin
Stage, general manager: Sylvain Giraudeau
Light manager: Arnaud Lavisse
Costumes: Laurence Alquier
Artistic collaboration: Myriam Lebreton


Production: J’y pense souvent (…)
Coproduction: Centre des arts Enghien-les-BainsThéâtre de la Ville Paris, with the support of Dance Reflection by Van Cleef & ArpelsCharleroi Danse, BrusselsCCN2 / Centre chorégraphique national de Grenoble – The Royaumont Foundation / With the support of la SACEM and the patronage of Daniel et Nina Carasso Foundation. Strategic patron of the Royaumont Foundation, Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation, under the aegis of Foundation of France, supports its artistic creation projects, the emergence and accompaniment of its artists as well as the strengthening of cooperation between human sciences and amateur practices
With the support of Région Île-de-FranceConseil Général du Val d'Oise
With the support of CND Centre national de la danse, accueil en résidence
Rehearsal studio loan: CCN Tours, dir. Thomas Lebrun.

© Photo – Marc Domage

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