Air is a choreography for two sounding bodies in a dialogue with a quartet of singers.
The audience is positioned in between the singers and dancers, in the exact location where the dialogue takes place, in a similar way to the central role of the coryphaeus in Greek theatre.

Air pursues all of the quivering of the air within that mutual respiratory area in order to find a unique place for the body of sound which is neither a concert, nor a speech or theatrical.
A new organic force which would make it closer to an opera in which the libretto would be that of the movement of sound and the ballet as its narrative structure. A mini opera or “chamber opera” in which the challenge would be to link it to its source and therefore to the question of sacrifice and the trance which accompanies it.

Air was inspired by the short film by Jean Rouch Les tambours d’avant for which the ethnologist film maker went to a village in Niger in order to film a possession ritual which took its time in coming, he started to film his last sequence shot. The drums stopped, he continues filming and then, in front of the gathered village, an old woman wrapped in a blanket, begins a possession dance. It is at this point where he chooses for a tracking out, leaving us to imagine the dance. I imagined the woman’s dance in front of the assembled village and the challenge facing her at that moment, beyond her age, to reveal something fundamental with her body and her voice.

Air tries perhaps to find out where it lies for us, today, this trance generated by the glances of others, and in the message that it could convey.

Air was created on November 14th 2013 at the Théâtre de Nîmes.


Conceived and directed by: Vincent Dupont
Dance: Aline Landreau, Vincent Dupont
Singing: Anne Garcenot, Valérie Joly, Fabrice Augé-Dedieu, Wahid Lamamra

Musical composition: Valérie Joly
Texts: Charles Pennequin
Light design: Yves Godin
Sound design: Maxime Fabre
Costumes : Laurence Alquier, Kite Vollard
Set: Sylvain Giraudeau
Artistic collaboration: Myriam Lebreton
Stage manager: Nicolas Barrot, Sylvain Giraudeau
Light manager: Arnaud Lavisse
Thanks to Anne Boudet D’Albin, Sylvie Golgevit, Manon Hamard, Gisèle Lacroix, Paco Lefort, Jean-Luc Martineau, Vénita Martineau, Géraldine Millat, Nicolas Pinel, Tao Mézarguia, Savine Volland, members of the choir ECUME
Thanks to John Nollet, Sylvie and Jean-Marc Dumas


Production: J’y pense souvent (...)
Coproduction: Théâtre de Nîmes – deSingel, Antwerp – Parc de la Villette as part as of artists residencies, Paris – CCN Tours dir. Thomas Lebrun – CCN Rillieux-la-Pape dir. Yuval Pick – CCN Orléans dir. Josef Nadj – CDC Uzès Danse – Halle aux grains, scène nationale Blois – Micadanses, Paris – Open Latitudes (3), European cooperation project
With the support of ADAMISPEDIDAMCDN Orléans/Loiret/Centre.
First working stage (December 2011) – Coproduction CCN Montpellier, dir. Mathilde Monnier.


© Photo – Laurent Paillier

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